Glennie's Office Products

Glennie’s Office Products

A local company supporting our local economy

Pricing — Have you compared your pricing from the mega office product companies lately? The ones with the “Low Price Guarantee” and “Reward” programs. “Low Price Guarantee” stores often don’t offer the lowest costs. In fact, we often beat the mega companies on shopping baskets of supplies. We believe you deserve more than rewards for shopping at over-priced stores. Ready for real value?

Extraordinary Value and Service —How is the service at the mega store?, You’ve looked at our competitive pricing. How about a Sales and Customer Service team averaging 32 years in the industry providing knowledge and “can do” service. That is VALUE. Plus, you’re not just a number to an oversized, outsourced call center, our team knows you and your company and focuses on your specific needs . Backing up customer service, our delivery team provides free, no minimum order, overnight delivery** on 40,000+ items. Ready for real value?

Keeping the local economy healthy — Shopping at locally owned companies makes a significant impact on the local economy. Several studies show buying from locally owned companies “churn” more money back into the local economy. For every $100 you spend see how much stays in the local economy.

How does this work? When the local office supply store purchases their vehicles from the local automobile dealer, who buys from a local hardware store, whose accountant is a local accountant, who sells her home through a local realtor, who purchases his groceries from the local grocery store, whose attorney is a local attorney, who gets their clothes cleaned at the local cleaners, who eats at the local restaurant, and has coffee at a local coffee shop, who purchases their office supplies from the local office supply store, the money turns over and over and stays in the community. Ready for real value?

Shopping phone, fax or online to companies outside Escondido. $0 stays in the area¹
Shopping at the Mega Chain stores in town $43 stays in the area²
Shopping at a locally owned business $68 stays in the area²


¹Sales tax information from California State Board of Equalization 1% local tax typically defers to location of customer service not destination. In other words, even if you are buying from a mega store with locations in your town, unless you pick your products up at the store—the taxes go elsewhere.
²The Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, October 2004, available at For details on this or other studies contact