You just finished printing an important document and it tore in your briefcase. An important safety sign that was supposed to last is now ripped to shreds. You set your new artwork down on the table and spilled coffee all over it. Sound familiar?

We’ve all had times where we messed up a document we were supposed to keep. There is however, an easy way to protect and preserve documents, signs, menus, artwork and more. Laminate it!

What does lamination do? Lamination securely seals your documents on four sides and provides protection from finger prints, scratches, liquid spills and even the dreaded rays of the sun. It changes regular paper into the superhero of documents. And it’s easier than you think! Most machines for individual use are pouch laminators. And modern pouch laminators, like the Swingline Fusion laminators, can heat up in about a minute and do not require the old fashioned cardboard carriers to hold documents.

And – lamination can even make your papers look better! When you laminate with a glossy finish it makes your document look shiny and vibrant. If you are going to laminate something really important – it’s always a good idea to test an unimportant document before laminating the actual piece. This will help ensure that you have set the machine to the right settings prior to use. Of course if you are using an automatic machine like the Swingline Fusion 5100L, it will adjust the settings for you. (Click here for other Swingline Fusion laminators and supplies)

Need an idea of what to laminate? Download the Swingline GBC 101 Things to Laminate now!


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